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Image by Serhii Stets
“ Love the Kentucky Horse exchange! Aubree is not only a wonderful horse trainer, she is a great agent and does a wonderful job helping match the right people with the right horses. She helped me find my future trail/endurance partner Zo, and helped me through the shipping and purchase process. Years later while living in Washington state, she also helped my husband find his dream horse, a Friesian name Zeus. Buying or Selling Kentucky Horse Exchange is the way to go.”

- Elizabeth Ecklund -


My husband and I have bought many horses from Aubree over the years. Every horse we have bought has been exactly as described. I’ve never bought from a place that has so consistently represented their horses accurately. I would recommend buying a horse from Aubree all day long.

— Heather Reynolds


I have purchased 2 trail mounts from Aubree. Both horses were what she said they would be. I bought sight unseen since I am from New Jersey. A friend recommended Kentucky Horse Exchange. I reached out when I seen the horses that I was interested in when they were offered. i described what my needs and dreams were for my horses. I was so happy that my horses are sane and safe in every way.

— Mary Heinzinger


I just wanted to give a giant thank you to Aubree! She helped me sell a horse that wasn’t the right fit for me to a wonderful home and was great with communication and marketing all the way. She helped me find the horse I’ve needed and wanted for years but was unable to find on my own and then still was available for questions after the horse was purchased and home with me. I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re like me and have tried to find the best horse for you for years without success, don’t wait any longer, call Aubree. She is honest, helpful and amazing at pairing people and horses. Thank you Aubree for finding Al Marah Fox Romeo for me. ❤️

— Colleen Egleston


Aubree is absolutely amazing to work with! She takes special care to make sure she matches the rider with the perfect horse. She won’t sell you something she doesn’t think will work. She’s very knowledgeable in many breeds & disciplines. Wonderful to do business with

— Celsi Rigdon


“Aubree has a niche for matching rider to horse... not to mention the great selection of horses. It is a great service that helps horse and human. ”

— Jackie Ward

Aubree always does the best job-matching horses with a rider's skill and personality (if you take the time to listen!). She found the perfect fit for my daughter and we can now both enjoy riding worry-free.

— Sabrina Powell


I had the best experience getting my new horse. Aubree is fun, genuine, and HONEST which goes a long way in buying a new horse. I highly recommend working with Aubree on your next horse purchase!

— William Oakley

Ms Aubree posted my TWH gelding for sale and within 48 hr had a wonderful lady come and look at him and buy him. Happy horse Happy Lady. NOW my herd has a hole in it. Aubree had posted this beautiful Russian Arab. Just started and bingo he is now in my pasture. Aubree will tell you the good and the bad about the horses and is stellar with all breds of horse. 5 plus ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 💫

— Jill Paxton


As a first time horse buyer, I was very comfortable with the review and purchase process. Any questions I had about the horse were answered and after almost a year of ownership, I’m still satisfied with my purchase. Many thanks to Aubree!!

— Tori Stiene

— Cherly Egnatu

This is the only person I go to when I’m looking for a horse. I have never been steered wrong. Aubree is extremely knowledgeable and very good with horses. She also has a super ability to match a horse to its rider. Trust in what she says and suggests for you and you will not be disappointed. I have also found myself needing to find homes for a couple horses. Aubree found perfect homes for them. I was extremely pleased.

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Great place to buy your next horse. Have purchased several over the years. Very enjoyable experience.

— Robin Black

“I have bought some really nice horses from Aubree Becker! I highly recommend ❤️”

— Elaine Lemieux

— Mark Donavan

I’ve now purchased 3 horses from Aubree. All sight unseen, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience, and with the horses. They were exactly as described. No surprises. In the past I haven’t had the greatest luck with other sellers. Now I know where to look.


Great businesswoman for buying and selling! She is always direct and honest and brings in the best horses! I recommend her for anyone looking for a trail or endurance horse.

— Bonnie Clemons


“Honest and up-front. Great at matching you with the right horse! ”

— Caren Risley Po

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