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About Me

As long as I can remember, my life has revolved around horses. My parents think my passion started due to my crib being next to a window that overlooked a pasture of horses. I learned to ride shortly after walking, and still choose to be in the saddle. I’ve filled many roles from grooming, mucking stalls, and being the student (which never ends,) to training, competing in various disciplines, judging, and hosting my own events.

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So, how did I get into horse sales?? Buying and selling tends to go hand in hand with training. For many years I bought and sold horses for both my clients and myself. On occasion a friend would ask for my assistance in the sales process, which led to another, and another, until I was selling over a hundred horses a year. Today I receive at least ten messages or calls a day from people needing help to buy or sell a horse. Both sides of the situation can be a daunting task. I’d be happy to put my years of experience to use for you.


                                                                -Aubree Becker

After High School I headed to California to learn from my lifelong mentor Monty Roberts. At Flag Is Up Farm, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. I left knowing that like Monty, my goal was to leave the world a better place for horses. In the years following I’ve gotten to compete and instruct in multiple countries. I’ve trained with our Military to ride before deployments and helped them to heal with horses upon their return. Above all, I’ve met some absolutely amazing people that I’m honored to call my friends.

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