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Buyer’s Info

Searching for your future horse doesn’t have to be stressful. At KHX I keep the process simple, straightforward, and fun. After years of purchasing horses for myself and clients, I’ve dealt with it all. Lack of communication, lack of information, misrepresentation of the horse, drugged horses, lame horses.... It can get frustrating. Especially when you find your dream horse in another state. The search process alone can be time consuming and costly.

All of the horses listed on KHX are client owned. They come in from all over the country, and are evaluated by me before listing. You will find a variety of breeds, disciplines, ages, sizes, and prices. It’s often a hard decision for these owners to sell their horse, so finding them great homes is a must.

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During the evaluation process, I weed out the unsound, unhealthy, and horses that have dangerous vices. These horses are sent back to their owners. The ones that stay, I handle daily. I observe their behavior out on pasture with others. I take note on who is easy and willing to be caught, and fooled with. How they rank in the herd structure. Would I feel safe with children and pets running around them?


Most of the horses that come in have trail experience. If not, they’re going to leave with some. Our trails are challenging, but a great way to really test a horse. They’ll encounter hills, creeks, rock, mud, wildlife. Tons of wildlife. They’re often exposed to dogs on trail, cows, ATVs, farm equipment, and gunfire. It can be a lot for a new horse, so we take our time to not overwhelm them, but still test their ability and behavior in various situations.

All buyers are encouraged to visit the farm, handle the horses, and ride. With that being said, most of my sales are sight unseen. Busy schedules and distance can make if difficult to make the trip out. Pictures, video, and phone conversations make it possible for you to feel comfortable making a purchase without making the trip.


Whether you come to the farm or we’re speaking over the phone, matching the right horse with the right buyer is important. If I don’t think the horse you’re interested in is suitable, I will tell you, and we can discuss other options. There’s no pushing a sale. If I don’t have your dream horse today, just check back. New horses come in all the time.


- All buyers are welcome to have a Pre-purchase exam preformed on sales horses. There is a 10% deposit required to put a horse on hold to schedule an exam. Exam fees are the expense of the buyer.


- Once you have purchased a horse, you have two days of free board. Every day following is $15, which includes their feed and care. All other Vet and Farrier expenses during their stay, are the responsibility of the new owner.


- Fees incurred by making payment via PayPal, Venmo, or your bank are the responsibility of the buyer.


- Transportation fees for the horse if being shipped, are the responsibility of the buyer.


- If needed for transport, Health Certificates are to be paid for by the buyer. Average cost $30.


- any additional vaccines required by you or your boarding facility can be arranged at your expense prior to the horse leaving. * No horse will be allowed leave the property until fees are paid in full.

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  • What do I need to provide with my horse when they come to the farm?
    - Any medical, dental, farrier history. If your horse is not current, it will be updated at the farm prior to being sold - Any pictures, video, competition records, are helpful. The more, the better. - Copy of the Registration papers, if any. - A halter and rope
  • Do you accept any horse at the farm to be sold?
    - No, I do not accept stallions, or any horse with stallion like behavior. - No cribbers. - No horse that appears to be in poor health, not sound, or underweight. - No horses with dangerous vices, such as bucking, rearing, bolting, kicking out at people or biting. - Please check your horse for soundness prior to bringing them.
  • Will I have contact with the new owner?
    - That is up to both you and the new owner.
  • How do you determine where to price the horses?
    - A lot has to do with the current market. What are people paying for comparable horses. - Age, breed, training, disposition play into this. - Owners often have an idea of what they want, and after I’ve evaluated the horse, that’s when we decide on a price. - Please keep in mind that your horse’s monetary value is not determined by what the horse once was, or what they could be with additional training. It’s not based off what you paid for the horse or how much you have financially or emotionally invested.
  • What happens if it does not work out for my horse and the new owner?
    - Every seller has the option to include a right-of-refusal in the sales contract. - I also offer a discounted rate and deferred payment for buyers to return a horse to be re-listed, should that horse not work out for them. This gives peace of mind to buyers, the owners, and myself.
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