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Horse Camping Service

  • Does your horse need a vacation?

  • Are they getting burned out in the arena?

  • Do they need exposure to new places?

  • Or maybe they’ve been sitting out on pasture for too long?


Whatever the reason, nothing does a horse good, like a couple days of trail riding. This service allows your horse to experience miles of trails, water, wildlife, group and solo rides, with a professional on their back. From green to Grand Prix, they all benefit.

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$350 for an overnight trip. $150 for each additional night, up to 3 nights. This covers their transport from my farm to the horse camp, camp fees, and hay. Horses need to be brought to my farm in Russellville, KY the day before. Pickup can be arranged if needed.

For 1 to 3 nights, I will take your horse on a camping trip that will include 10-25 miles of trails per day, depending on their level of condition. At the campsite, they will either be high-tied, stalled, or in a paddock overnight, depending on location and horse. Every ride during the trip will be tracked by an App to show distance, time, and speed. Multiple pictures and video clips will be taken of your horse, both in camp and out on trail. The ride is tailored to fit their needs. Many horses I take out are just long overdue for a break from their routine. Some need training on water crossings, difficult terrain or confidence building.


Whatever their need, it will be worked on. When your horse is in my care, I treat them as my own. Safety and well being is my top priority.



  • What do I need to provide with my horse when they come to the farm?
    - Any medical, dental, farrier history. If your horse is not current, it will be updated at the farm prior to being sold - Any pictures, video, competition records, are helpful. The more, the better. - Copy of the Registration papers, if any. - A halter and rope
  • Do you accept any horse at the farm to be sold?
    - No, I do not accept stallions, or any horse with stallion like behavior. - No cribbers. - No horse that appears to be in poor health, not sound, or underweight. - No horses with dangerous vices, such as bucking, rearing, bolting, kicking out at people or biting. - Please check your horse for soundness prior to bringing them.
  • Will I have contact with the new owner?
    - That is up to both you and the new owner.
  • How do you determine where to price the horses?
    - A lot has to do with the current market. What are people paying for comparable horses. - Age, breed, training, disposition play into this. - Owners often have an idea of what they want, and after I’ve evaluated the horse, that’s when we decide on a price. - Please keep in mind that your horse’s monetary value is not determined by what the horse once was, or what they could be with additional training. It’s not based off what you paid for the horse or how much you have financially or emotionally invested.
  • What happens if it does not work out for my horse and the new owner?
    - Every seller has the option to include a right-of-refusal in the sales contract. - I also offer a discounted rate and deferred payment for buyers to return a horse to be re-listed, should that horse not work out for them. This gives peace of mind to buyers, the owners, and myself.
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